Mugs is coming in August 2019 to the community of Lebanon, Oregon. Our founders are three long-time Lebanon residents who saw a need in the community for a modern, relaxed, and professional gathering space for students, business professionals, and community members alike. Thus, Mugs was born. We’re in the business of building up our community by providing a space to belong.

Mugs was founded on three primary foundations; community, quality, and responsibility.

We’re here to be an asset to the people living in Lebanon. It’s the only reason we do what we do. Our mission hinges on providing what the community needs and giving back to the community that has given so much to us. You will always have a place at Mugs, regardless what you look like, where your politic bent lies, or how you live your life.

Our products, from our coffee to our sandwiches to the pastries available fresh daily, are sourced because of their high quality. We don’t want to serve you something you can make at home. Your money should buy you something better and that’s why we handpick our vendors and business partners in order to bring you the best product we can.

We founded Mugs with an understanding that our actions impact those around us and the generations coming after us. That’s why, in addition to serving locally sourced food and beverages, we are committed to reducing our waste and impact on the environment. Nearly all of our disposable materials are recyclable and/or compostable and most are made from recycled materials. Feel free to pick up some old coffee grounds for your garden and compost pile anytime you’re in the building!